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Moving Ideas and Tricks for Relocating Home or Office in Perth

10 moving list items to help thwart relocation stress.

The key to a successful move is the organization. AAA Bargain Removalists are as keen as you are to get your move completed as smoothly and quickly as possible. Here are a few moving tips to help you get organised before the big day.


1. Start packing

Get onto this as early as possible – packing boxes takes longer than you think!

moving tips pack boxes before an arduous moveWhen packing, put heavy items such as books/wine/cds (What are they again?) etc. in small boxes. Pack lighter items such as clothing, plastic, toys etc. in big boxes. Use proper moving cartons of just a few varying sizes as they are stronger.

Boxes the same size take no time to stack (as opposed to 50 boxes all different sizes) thus reducing your home or office removal costs.


2. Label Boxes Clearly

One of the best moving tips is to label your packing boxes.

Possible labels;

  • what’s in the box?
  • is it fragile?
  • destination room at drop off

Put everything that fits in a box . . . in a box!

Small, fiddly things take up space and time.


3. Wrap Loose Stuff

Bundle up garden tools bed slats etc. with packing tape.

Wrap all artwork and pictures appropriately or consider using our professional packers. Our removalists are fully trained to wrap and pack valuables on site.


4. Drain and Wipe

Drain fuel from lawnmowers and on-site machinery.

Clean and wipe grease from the BBQ.


5. Disconnect Services

Don’t forget to disconnect the gas & electricity.

Disconnect your washing machine and drain the water.

Your fridge can be left on right until the last minute.


6. Remove Obstructions

Make sure any overhead obstructions are cleared from the drive/lane way leading up to your house.


7. Disassemble

Flatpack furniture should be disassembled, so make sure you have a decent multi-screwdriver or set of tools for this task. We can actually do that for you!


8. Parking for the Removal Trucks

Arrange suitable parking bays for the removal truck/s if required prior to the move.


9. Watering Plants & Garden

Water the garden and pot plants at least 24 hours before moving.


10. Final Inspection

Your final moving tips!

Before the removalists close their doors, do a final inspection of all

  • rooms
  • cupboards
  • wardrobes
  • sheds
  • garage

Make sure that nothing is left behind.

Hopefully, this list of moving tips is enough to help you see clearly.

RELAX! Your move is fully under control.

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